ARIO S.A. Bistrita is an important manufacturing company from România, founded in 1981 and it’s located in the Northen part of Romania, in Bistrita city, on the E576 European driveway.

We would like to introduce you our company as a producer of castings with or without machining, industrial valves from steel for different types of industries, and mesh fence systems. ARIO has also in its components Quality Systems according to: DIN EN ISO 9001:2000, API SPEC Q1 7TH 2003 edition, PED 97/23/2000 H module.



13.920.417 RON


54.789 sqm.

ARIO range of products:

  1. Castings and machining from stainless steel, high alloyed steel, medium and low alloyed steel, carbon steel, nodular cast iron and grey cast iron, with or without mechanical machining, to 5 tones, for every domain of application;
  2. Industrial Valves in a huge range of application. We manufacture closing and check valves with swing, gate, lift and ball, dimensions: 50-1400 mm / 16-250 bars; 1”-60” / class 150-1500 from casts of carbon steel and low alloyed steel, designed according to: STAS, GOST, BS, DIN, ANSI, API.
  3. Mesh fence systems, which give a perfect combination between security and attractively, with a modern aspect and good price. The material gives a combination between rigidity and resistance, meanwhile offering a good visibility and maintaining the harmony with the environment.


We detain a whole completely integrated process. This includes all phases from the idea level, going through the stage of manufacturing the pattern, until the finished product.

The technological process consists from: designing, patterns execution, moulding, casting, cleaning, inspection, heat treatment, machining and assembly.

ARIO’s activity is carried out in the following sections: Casting shop (TOA), Moulding shop, Machining section (SAIO).

In the last three years ARIO SA has invest over 4 million EURO in endowments and modernization to improve the productivity, work condition and environment quality.

From the point of view of production, please note few investments, as follows:

  • Automatically moulding-casting system endowed with a moulding sand (based on sodium silicate and ester) regenerator plant (producer IMF Italia). This investment is very important for environment quality too, through it components of sand regeneration and powder filtration;
  • Shot blasting of 5 tones (producer COGEIM – Italia);
  • Induction furnace of 1 tone;
  • Mesh fence installation (own production);
  • Paint installation in electrostatic field;
  • Lathe SC27 modernization (numeric order);
  • Heat treatment furnace modernization;
  • Continuously mixer modernization (endowed with electronic pumps for mould composite measuring);
  • Spectrometer for Chemical lab;

From the point of view of improving of the productivity, work condition and environment quality, ARIO SA has made important investment too:

  • Filter for electric arch furnace no. 1 and no. 2 (producer DONALDSON);
  • Filter for electric arch furnace of 5 tons (producer DONALDSON);
  • Regeneration installation for furanic resins composition (producer OMEGA Italia);
  • Exhaust system – filtering: one installation with flexible arms located on manual moulding line and one installation with fix post located on automatic moulding line (producer DONALDSON);
  • Installation for paint – filtering – COV retention;
  • Powder and gas concentration measuring apparatus;

Quality Assurance

ARIO has: ISO 9001:2000 Certificate; PED 97/23/EC Certificate; API 6D si API 600 Monograms, Quality Management Authorization for Nuclear Area - CNCAN (for execution and designing), Environment Integrated Authorization, etc.

It’s realized by respecting the procedures from Quality Manual, tests and analyses are elaborated in our own laboratories, as the followings:

  1. Moulding sand testing laboratory
  2. Chemical analyses laboratory
  3. Mechanical test laboratory

ARIO has a permanent concerning for new business opportunities, according to its possibilities in the industry area, where are requested steel or cast iron castings with or without machining.

For any further information about ARIO and its products and services, do not hesitate contacting us!