Products - Castings

from gray cast iron and ductile iron to low and medium alloy steel and non-corrosive steel parts, with or without machinings, up to 6 tons (depending on configuration) in any field of application


  • Steel
    • non-corrosive steel
    • high alloy steel
    • low and medium alloy steel
    • carbon steel
  • Iron
    • ductile iron
    • gray iron


We have a completely integrated production process. This includes the whole way from the stage of ideas via pattern production up to the finished product.

The production process consists of:

  1. Design
  2. Pattern execution
  3. Moulding and Melting
  4. Cleaning
  5. Inspection
  6. Heat treatment
  7. Machining
  8. Assembling

ARIO’s activity is carried out in the following sections: Casting shop (TOA), Moulding shop, Machining section (SAIO).

Casting Shop

The casting activity is attended by:

  • Three electric arc furnaces, the two of them with a 3 tones capacity, and the third one with a 5 tones capacity.
  • Two electrical furnaces, one with a capacity of 1 tone, and another with a capacity of 0.4 tones.
  • Automatically moulding-casting system endowed with a moulding sand (based on sodium silicate and ester) regenerator plant.
  • Automatically moulding-casting system in uncured compound.
  • Hand moulding-casting system
  • Resins moulding sand regenerator plant
  • Shot blasting of 1 tone and 5 tones
  • Heat treatment furnaces
  • Physical testing lab and chemical lab.

Mechanical Machining

The activities from this section are attended by:

  • Professional machinery for valves machining
    • Aggregates for machining valves bodies from 2 and 3 directions with CNC.
    • Multiple drilling machine
    • Welding plant in protecting environment
  • Testing stands for valves
  • Universal professional machines:
    • Carousel lathes SC 14, SC 16, SC 17, SC 27, SC 27 CNC, SC 33
    • Frontal lathe : SF 1000, SF 400 CNC
    • Centre lathes: SN 400 x 2000, SN 630 x 2000, SN 630 x 3000 CNC, SN 800 x 3000, SN 1000 x 3000, SP 250 x 1500 CNC.
    • Boring and milling machine (bohrwerk): AFD 80, AFD 100, AFD 100 CNC.
    • Yoke millers FLP 800, Straight millers FV 400, and Universal millers FU 36.
    • Cylindrical grinders, horizontal surface grinders with rotational cap RPOR 1000
    • Radial drilling machine, column type drilling machine.