Products - Mesh Fence Systems

, that provides a combination of security & attractive, contemporary appearance but at a very economical purchase price. The material provides a combination of strength and resistance to penetration, while offering good visibility and maintaining harmony with the environment. Weldmesh offers a choice of coatings and finishes that increase longevity and help to blend it into its surroundings.

Mesh Fence

ARIO's fence it's suitable for all types of application including schools and playgrounds, home yards, industrial and commercial security areas.

We produce at diversified range of dimensions welded mesh panels from zinc coated wire , painted in static field The dimensions of panels are in range between 1000 mm si 2000 mm (high) , for standard lenght of 2000 mm or 2500 mm.

Wires diameter: 3,5 - 5,0 mm

TIP Dimensiuni panou
H (mm) L (mm)
PGB 1x2 1000 2000
PGB 1x2,5 1000 2500
PGB 1,2x2 1200 2000
PGB 1,2x2,5 1200 2500
PGB 1,5x2 1500 2000
PGB 1,5x2,5 1500 2500
PGB 1,7x2 1700 2000
PGB 1,7x2,5 1700 2500
PGB 2x2 2000 2000
PGB 2x2,5 2000 2500

Iron poles from rectangular pipe 60X40X2 mm, painted in static field , full equipped ( special screws , roves , cap nuts and PVC bonnets):

Tip Stalp TIP panou corespondent
1000 PGB 1x2 ; PGB 1x2,5
1200 PGB 1,2x2 ; PGB 1,2x2,5
1500 PGB 1,5x2 ; PGB 1,5x2,5
1700 PGB 1,7x2 ; PGB 1,7x2,5
2000 PGB 2x2 ; PGB 2x2,5